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24.01.2011 - 16:57
 Amok (Admin)
Also worth noting, the review from our very own member, sificvoid:
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26.01.2011 - 09:29
" You can already connect to based maps, the running game (there are matters to which the wheels can still join), or start your own war."

I want more wheels to join my games!
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08.03.2011 - 08:22
Nice, this is article on my favorite czech game server. Next czech article is here:
Nowhere are no longer innocent!
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08.06.2011 - 19:50

also a review by myself (for the german browsergame lovers)
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08.06.2011 - 20:34
Your biggest drawbacks were fixed by the 12-24h games (though they are lame)
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02.08.2011 - 16:17
Okay, now every Czech is going to run around hating me for stealing their username.

Or not?
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